Thinking Holistically About Anything

"When we try to pick out anything by itself
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

-John Muir


What is Deep Holism?

Nature is the epitome of deep holism. As is often said, “Mother Nature bats last and she always bats 1000.” The practice of looking to nature for therapeutic guidance is inherent in most holistic philosophies and practices.

In 2013, when Dr. Jim Lemkin was at work on a chapter on naturopathic philosophy for medical textbook, Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine, he discovered an extraordinary useful relationship between his own field of natural medicine and Integral Theory, the work of philosopher and writer Ken Wilber. The Naturopathic Medicine–Integral Theory approach opened up ways of thinking inclusively and expansively that can be used by anyone to help heal or invigorate anything in any discipline, person, living organism, system or organization. He named this approach “deep holism in healthcare” to address issues of wellness in humans, but it could easily be called deep holism in business, or government, or society, or, as others have previously named, “deep ecology,” etc.

This approach enables one to create a broad map that can lead to practical, leading-edge insights and tools you can apply in a practical way to help heal whatever you wish.

Deep holism in healthcare is defined as the inclusive view that everything in the natural world is in a subtle balance of interrelationships and interdependencies that can influence the vitality of a person or any other living organism or system in ways great and small.

    Deep Holism in Healthcare

When you examine the two maps below you will discover virtually all of the factors that can affect the wellbeing of a person. Click to enlarge.






 Deep Holism in Business

Thinking from a deep holism perspective can apply to any business as well. The map below is an example of what we find when we explore the factors affecting the wellbeing of a business’s management. Click to enlarge.


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