What We Do

"When we try to pick out anything by itself
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

-John Muir

What would the optimum healthy state
anything look like?


HMI uses the metaphor of health to give fresh perspectives that can lead to the flourishing of virtually any and all aspects of our lives.

Deep Holism – an Expanded View

 At HORSE MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE we see in the world endless opportunities for enhanced wellbeing.  We have coined the term deep holism to mean: the inclusive view that everything in the natural world exists in a subtle balance of interrelationships and interdependencies that can influence the vitality of a person or other living organisms in ways great or small.

Deep holism understands that virtually anything can have an influence on the health and flourishing of living organisms — all that has been handed to a person or other living organism, their choices, their levels of awareness, environmental conditions, social structures and policies, availability of resources, cultural constructs, support systems, personal relationships, and so forth. Because nature is the primary and clearest expression of deep holism, it is both our philosophy and our practice to look to nature for therapeutic guidance.

The intention of this deep holistic model is to sensitize and enrich your perspective that you might identify in each moment anything that may be healing or harming the person [or other living organism] and act to enhance their vitality and flourishing. In this model of healing nothing is excluded, the domain is expansive without limit.

Inclusive Medicine

A recent work-in-progress is a challenge to the conventional view of holistic, or complementary or integrative medicine. We have stretched the conventional boundaries of understanding of what makes a living organism thrive. We have recently completed a chapter, accepted for publication in a major medical textbook, that defines a far more complete understanding of the possible determinants of health of a person. This highly inclusive exploration reaches far into societal, economic, environmental, cultural, political, interpersonal, psycho-spiritual and other factors that directly or indirectly affect the possibilities and options for wellbeing.

Documentary and Audio

Over the years our production arm, HORSE MOUNTAIN STUDIO, has produced a range of media, including audio, books, and films. Documentary films such as "Walking at the Edge" and "Beyond Belief", a film now in production, push boundaries of thought on issues such as conscious dying and finding common ground beyond the realm of polarizing beliefs and belief systems.

Holism in Education

Since 2009, the WORLD IN BALANCE AWARDS have rewarded students at varying levels in their educational journey who demonstrate capacities for creative holistic thinking and who bring their insights into direct application and action within mainstream culture.

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