Horse Mountain Studio

"When we try to pick out anything by itself
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

-John Muir

HORSE MOUNTAIN STUDIO is a media production arm of HORSE MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE with a focus on the broad application of holistic healing consciousness applied to the individual and society. Our mission is to engage in educational activities that promote holistic perspectives in the health of mind, body, spirit, and society, by helping people to embrace new paradigms of awareness, understanding, and personal and social possibilities, eventually leading to enlightened action.

To this end, Horse Mountain Studio and founder Dr. Jim Lemkin produce media that identifies and uproots obstacles to our human needs and potential in visual, audio, print, electronic, and other formatted. We work to engage the widest possible audience.

Beyond Belief (in production)

Our documentary film, "Beyond Belief" explores the origins and nature of beliefs and the consequences of unexamined beliefs. The heart-centered movie investigates real stories of people who, when they dared to question, discovered new worlds of understanding and common ground. "Beyond Belief" is a compelling, open-minded film that asks what it really takes to fulfill our deepest human needs. It attempts to deconstruct the simple, yet deeply complex question, "Why can't we just get along?"


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Is there only one true religion?

HH the 14th Dalai Lama

Children, Documentary Film
Can we just sit down and talk?

Soul Force and Focus on the Family

Michael Lerner, Documentary Film
Generosity creates safety and security

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Matthew Fox, Documentary Film
Belief, chaos and fundamentalism

Matthew Fox

Marshall Rosenberg, Documentary Film
Do conflicts end when needs are met?

Marshall Rosenberg

Father Charles Moore, Documentary Film
Believing others or finding out for yourself

Father Charles Moore

Byron Katie, Documentary Film
Questioning beliefs that cause suffering

Byron Katie

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Documentary Film
Faith is different than belief

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

How Satan became a good neighbor

Jan Chozen Bays and Hogen Bays


Walking at the Edge

WALKING AT THE EDGE is the true story of Joan, a vivacious, athletic 36-year-old woman who must suddenly deal with a malignant breast tumor. When therapies fail, she must confront the possibility of dying. We follow her through her treatment efforts as she copes with her failing health. At each stage, her reverence for the ephemeral nature of our lives and the power of her community deepens. With extraordinary courage, wisdom, and humor, Joan transcends the notion of "defeat" and celebrates life and death with her friends.  WALKING AT THE EDGE aired nationally on PBS from 2001-2007.

Joan, Media Production

Death and dying elicits fear in our culture, so it often remains undiscussed. WALKING AT THE EDGE brings the subject into light, inspiring honest, profound reflection. The film looks at death from holistic perspectives, and explores the possibility of facing a life-threatening disease with a balance of fight and embrace. It also:


     • Addresses the critical questions faced by those who are confronting possible disfigurement or death
     • Un-demonizes death, showing that it is a healthy and normal event in life
     • Distinguishes between "healing" and "surviving"
     • Provides one roadmap to navigating through the fearsome, challenging concerns as life comes to an end
     • Honors and validates the difficult struggle of one facing their death

Nonviolent Communication as a Way to Peace

NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION AS A WAY TO PEACE is an audio CD that we produced and

disseminated free of charge to thousands of people and groups internationally. It introduces a practical way for individuals, organizations, and communities in conflict to communicate effectively. In this 50 minute CD, Dr. Jim Lemkin interviews Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, founder of Nonviolent Communication. This method ensures all parties, even those in conflict are heard and able to express their authentic needs and feelings.

If you would like a CD without charge please contact us. We only request that you send us enough to cover postage and handling. As a 501(c)3 non profit, all contributions are tax deductable as applicable.


 Whole Picture Films - Kids Making Movies

The WHOLE PICTURE FILM CONTEST (a 2016 pilot project) is a film contest for grades 3 to 12 in select public schools in Massachusetts. It is designed to stimulate critical thinking and reflection using principles of holistic inquiry. We ask students to pick a topic that they care about, research it using holistic or “whole picture thinking” and make a short film that is encourages the viewer to take action. Substantial cash awards are offered for elementary, middle and high school students. For a complete description go to:

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